Nature Cure Files: File 5
Produced: February 2006
Theme: Other People's Therapies

Welcome to the fifth and Final issue of the Nature Cure Files!

Other People's Therapies

NC ideas and philosophies have much in common with a number of alternative and complementary health care areas.

Article Author Title
1 Stewart Mitchell Towards an Ecology of Health?
2 Felix Heimer Would Confucius Have Helped?
3 Felix Heimer In Conclusion
4 Alec Milne Editorial
5 Hugh Milne Other People's Therapies
6 Lyanne Mitchell Other People's Therapies
7 Catherine Munnion Response to the Questionnaire
8 Barbara Smith Other People's Therapies
9 Majella Berry Other People's Therapies
10 Michael F Kerr Response to the Questionnaire
11 Alec Milne A Reply to David Donnison
12 Peter Fenton The Times They are a Changing
13 Peter la Barre The Questionnaire
14 Murray McGrath Tools

From the Assistant Editor

I am a Nature Cure ex-patient, doing my best to follow NC guidelines. I am not a member of ISRN so I am not qualified to comment on its activities as a professional body.

I can only add my agreement and profound regret to others' comments within this and previous issues about the lack of active on-going NC training for practitioners.

I regret to say that I fear Nature Cure's days are numbered as a specific, recognised alternative therapy. Too many NC ideas and philosophies have bled into other health areas... and adly, there are now few full-time practitioners left practising. They are the surviving pioneers of an era, fast disappearing.

At the risk of being 'edited out'(!) by our Senior Editor, can I say that I feel he should be congratulated and applauded for taking this initiative - the NC File has thrived for one year and a bit, but in its short life, it has united and stimulated its readers/writers; it has created a lively dialogue where virtually none existed; it has been informative, inclusive and enjoyable to read on more than one level, for practitioners and patients alike.

Perhaps more than any of you, I have witnessed the enormous energy, enthusiasm and commitment involved in its production. Thank you Sandy for sharing this with me - for the interest and benefit of us all.

Long live the new NC Website! I hope you will log on and continue to be involved in the NC dialogue.

May we take this opportunity to THANK all our writers for their contributions within this and previous issues.

Lyanne Mitchell
Assistant Editor
Designer / Co-ordinator

Alec Milne / Felix Heimer
ISRN Publications Committee.