Nature Cure Files: File 1
Produced: January 2005
Theme: The Nature Cure Story

Welcome to the first issue of the Nature Cure File!

Article Author Title
1 Felix Heimer A Look at the History of the Kingston Clinic
2 Felix Heimer No said Monica
3 James W Johnson My Nature Cure Story
4 Mary & Geoffrey King Heads As Well As Hearts
5 PG La Barre From the Shed
6 Jean Lapsley Talking rather than Writing
7 Alec Milne More History
8 Diana Milne The Complete Organic Woman
9 Lyanne Mitchell An Ex-patients Perspective
10 Barbara Smith Leader of the Kingston Fortnight
11 Joanna Thomson My Nature Cure
12 Kay Carmichael A Nature Cure Experience
13 Sheila Wallace How I see NC
14 Keith Pearce Emotions and Health
15 Murray McGrath An Optical Illusion
16 Jimmy Baxter 2nd Year Veterinary Student

The Nature Cure File has its genesis in the last ISRN Conference, Edinburgh, where a feeling was expressed for a wider field of social / information / world view...... to involve not only ISRN members and NC patients, but also practitioners (affiliated or not)

All are welcome to join in this debate.

The response in this first issue and to future themes - may surprise us and be somewhat unexpected at times. It would appear that the initial response to NC in our lives was an emotional one by all of us, practitioners and non practitioners alike.

We hope there will be many a calm discussion of NC principles in future issues to create a healthy balance. We appealed for no hagiographies.... and that appeal is repeated for all future issues!

The NC File will evolve naturally and organically and become what we make it.

Many thanks to everyone who contributed to this first issue.

The NC File is a team effort. Its format is based on the Unitarian Earth Spirit Network File which grew rapidly from 50 to 130 members.

We hope you will enjoy this first issue and we look forward to hearing from more of you in future issues.

Lyanne Mitchell
Advisory Editor
Designer / Co-ordinator

Alec Milne / Felix Heimer
ISRN Publications Committee.