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Author: Mary and Geoffrey King
Title: Heads As Well As Hearts

We first became interested in NC when Mary was seriously ill in 1976, after a series of disastrous medical interventions, ending up on cortisone. This followed miscarriage, haemorrhages, loss of muscle tissue, general toxaemia, and repeated hospitalisation. A friend and colleague at Scawsby College, Betty Tron, quietly gave us a few Kingston pamphlets. This made sense, so we phoned friends in Edinburgh and asked them to ask their doctor (!) about Kingston. Fortunately he said that if he were ill he would go there himself. Two weeks later we arrived on the doorstep and both checked in. Leslie Thomson told us if he had known Mary was taking 20 cortisone tablets a day, he'd not have let her come, but that since we were there and seemed reasonable, we could have a go.

Geoffrey came to support Mary, though at the time he had a duodenal ulcer and a love of salty food. After a week's residence at Kingston, living, dis-ease and the nature of health and cure/care began to make sense personally and scientifically. Added to this and an integral part of it - was the positive message that life and nature know what they are doing. The attitude at Kingston was wonderfully normal after the three years of the medical hell we'd endured.

Briefly, Geoffrey's ulcer eventually vanished. Both of us began to experience rude health, including healing crises, Leslie Harrison took us on as patients - we were to become close friends and still are.

Over the years and returning from time to time to Kingston, NC became simply the way to enjoy quality of life, good fresh organic food whenever possible (just as Mary's Dad grew in Ireland in her childhood) and feeling happy and integrated. To live any other way now would seem strange and rather silly, because deviation from NC lowers the capacity to enjoy life and live it fully. In today's world. of course, and with our different temperaments and conditioning, means that vitality is too often insulted - and nature has to respond with its inevitable honesty to these insults and aberrations, so that we have our crises, and do silly things at times. But are not, now, frightened of illness. Crises brings us up against the negative processes within and around us. NC living is vital, at times turbulent, but life is there for living, loving, and laughing.