Nature Cure Files: File 4
Produced: November 2005
Theme: Nutrition

Welcome to the fourth issue of the Nature Cure File!


Adapting to the Nature Cure version of what constitutes a wholesome diet is always the first and biggest challenge to any patient or newcomer to its philosophy.

At Kingston, food was the great talking point and unifying factor amongst a hungry group. Even today, when new dietary suggestions are a staple of any magazine, and where there is a much greater emphasis on healthy eating, we all have things to say and suggest.

Everyone has a different emphasis, and there are some who despite all obstacles, can still come up with koumiss, the nearest thing to an elixir of life that can be provided.

Article Author Title
1 Lyanne Mitchell Nutrition
2 Majella Berry Nutrition..that which Nourishes and Nurtures?
3 Peter Fenton Nutrition
4 Felix Heimer A Little of What You Fancy
5 Peter La Barre Nutrition - Food - Diet
6 Diana Milne Food ... or is it Nutrition(?)
7 Alec Milne Nutrition
8 Keith Pearce Food and/or Medicine - the Biochemical Conundrum
9 Maureen Powels Holistic Practitioner - Nutrition
10 Joanna Thomson Nutrition
11 Aileen Whiteford Natural Eyesight Improvement
12 Beverley Brown Nutrition - Better Late Than Never!
13 Jimmy Baxter Straight from the Vet Student's Mouth
14 Peter La Barre Commentary on David Donnison's Piece in File 3
15 Barbara Smith Water Solution

From the Editors

It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work on the 1st year cycle of Nature Cure Files. If nothing else, this initiative has enouraged a fresh dialogue between NC Practitioners, patients, and interested parties.

However, we are acutely aware that the Files to date have been 'preaching to the converted'. We hope that through your support, our dialogue can be continued and considerably e x p a n d e d.

May we take this opportunity to THANK all our writers for their contributions within this and previous issues.

Lyanne Mitchell
Assistant Editor/Co-ordinator

Alec Milne / Felix Heimer
ISRN Publications Committee.