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Author: Majella Berry
Title: Nutrition

Nutrition....that which nourishes and nurtures?

Nourishes the body. Nourishes the soul?

When dis-ease strikes eg - having gone to pieces, not existing as a functioning whole, what could be more natural and beneficial than to be offered some structure and boundaries in which to function under kind and loving supervision?!

When I first came to Kingston in 1962 this was precisely what I found...the comfort of knowing I was following a regime that would not only benefit me but my family as well, was wonderful. Alas being destroyed by an antagonistic attitude of a husband who was totally unconvinced and even somewhat hostile. However, I continued on my own.

I considered it a challenge.

Over the years, having first found a regime and sense of belonging, like 'the nicety of the united... (Dependency)' I realised that my body had other needs which were not necessarily fully in tune with the regime. Kingston, having sensitised my taste and general needs, the diet and exercises having activated my intuition and own ideas of Self took charge and a process of 'the unicity of the unique'(interdependence) took over.

On the whole I would agree that wholefood is more nutritious than the junk food we are offered these days, by its very results ...but ...'do we live by bread alone'? Other factors, equally nutritious, emerge with greater awareness through eating what is natural to our specie.

Annually I used to stay at a nearby Healing Centre where, when the proprietor chose to cook, made sure she cooked meals with her heart. It is not only the food but also the spirit it is cooked in or with. I was deeply impressed, considering the apathy and greed for money with which meals are prepared in eating places, hospitals and schools and even at home when dis-harmony is, at times of strife, the condiment. A simple bowl of soup eaten in jolly company and prepared lovingly, benefits body and soul more than the most structured healthy diet of salads etc.

I am quite intrigued by the thousands of diets filling papers and magazines to almost confuse the reader I am sure this is an opportunity for the readers to discover his / her own unique dietary needs for want of better nutrition. Some count calories, some watch additives, and vitamin content, where and how it was grown and find satisfaction that way. They feel good because they are in harmony with their needs. Others, like Diana Milne (in NC File issue no.1) like structure and that is good if the results are good.

I marvel, yes, and believe that Kingston had its place and a very important one at that, but it has served its time very successfully indeed. Perhaps like the fabric of modern society, we have to find that which has been present all the time....INDIVIDUALITY!

Many years ago I took part in research at Bristol University, in philosophy and religion. We were asked at the end what kind of religion would be of the future? It was commonly accepted and determined to be SELF religion.

Could it be that the future of nutrition would be SELF diet?