Nature Cure Files: File 3
Produced: September 2005
Theme: My Nature Cure Tools

Welcome to the third issue of the Nature Cure File!

My Nature Cure Tools

Every Nature Cure adherent has by definition a personal health regime.

The first principle is that we have to accept responsibility for our health and do our best to keep it on the top line.

But everyone has different priorities depending on all sort of personal factors ...

for some it is exercise... for others it is food, for one town dweller, it is finding mountains to climb at the weekend. For another the 'cure' remains the morning cold bath.

We all have a different story to tell...

Article Author Title
1 Peter La Barre Healing
2 David Donnison Nature Cure: Triumphant or Dying?
3 Peter Fenton Nature Cure Tools
4 Felix Heimer The Horse's Mouth
5 James W Johnson Water Treatment at Home
6 James W Johnson Water Treatment at Home - Part 2
7 Alec Milne Tools
8 Lyanne Mitchell My Nature Cure Tools
9 Majella Berry My Nature Cure Tools
10 Dinah Williams Lesson from Waterloo for Modern Medicine
11 Keith Pearce Placebo and Self-healing
12 Barbara Smith Water as Tools

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MANY THANKS to everyone who has contributed to this 3rd issue - we look forward to hearing from YOU.......and You Again!

Lyanne Mitchell
Assistant Editor
Designer / Co-ordinator

Alec Milne / Felix Heimer
ISRN Publications Committee.