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Author: Felix Heimer
Title: The Horse's Mouth

If, when inquiring into the state of health of my friends, I am informed that a problem exists, I always respond by pointing out that as long as the other half of their partnership is OK, then it won't be too difficult coping with their problem: it is when BOTH partners are under the weather that alarm bells have to be rung..........

And so it is also with the world at large: if the individual finds him/herself confused then this is regrettable but not irremediable - providing the Body Politic - shows a clear set of values. It is when both - individual and Body Politic - find themselves at sixes and sevens, that the time has come to openly worry.

Methods of Natural Healing if true to their label, all have one central pillar around which they group their ploys - Personal Responsibility. Very little is understood if that is not. In the structuring of our lives, personal responsibility represents one side of the coin. The other side, fairly obviously, is represented by Collective Responsibility - the ground rules by which the group as a whole, conducts itself.

Speaking for the older generation, I trust it is permissible to ask: after doing one's level best to practise personal responsibility for upward of 50 years, what positive (certainties?) are left? Any? Faced with the certainty that both physical and mental powers must decline, is there a reserve of freshness left in the spirit? As a young man, strong in body and mind, I felt it a privilege to show the way to Health, by example rather than words. It this still possible in one's latter days?

Let's take a deep breath before we try for an answer.

Here goes.

In sickness and in health, in youth or old age, the human animal enjoys an innate endowment - Dignity. It is a little too easy, unfortunately, to forget this. When we engage in Semantics, nit picking with one another for all we're worth, we are demonstrating that we HAVE forgotten......

Come on, young ones, demonstrate to us biddies that the spirit of generosity is alive and well. Just as your certainties are only a front for your uncertain Soul (poetic eh?) so - believe this please - are our foibles.

We have said it .....let's take another deep breath. There.

I almost said then 'in conclusion'. But then I reminded myself that it's one thing to conclude article or talk, quite another, to draw conclusions. When you have been practising Nature Cure, practising personal responsibility, for a real long time, you learn the nasty truth behind the saying 'virtue has its own reward'.

And the reward is mostly good, even very good. But there are no conclusions.

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