Nature Cure

James C Thomson (1887 – 1960) developed the Nature Cure approach after he returned to Scotland following his training with Dr Henry Lindlhar in Illinois, USA. Both Lindlhar and Thomson had experienced recovery from life threatening illnesses – in Thomson’s case he had an “incurable” lung condition with a prognosis of only three months – so their belief in the importance of addressing all aspect of an individual’s life to achieve good health was well founded. They had also witnessed some incredible recoveries in their patients at the sanitorium in Illinois once the causes of their ill health had been removed and replaced by more healthful habits. 

In 1909, back in Edinburgh James Thomson set up his first non-residential practice, shortly thereafter he opened the Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics, the practice and school soon grew and larger premises were needed. They were found in Drumsheugh Gardens – at that time the epicentre of the medical establishment in Scotland.  But James had his vision fixed on having a residential practice, he had seen the results in Illinois and knew that so much more could be achieved if patients could stay and be supported in their first few days.

His dream was realised with the purchase of the house and grounds in 1938 that would become the Kingston Nature Cure Clinic. This was a large Pilkington designed mansion house in it’s own grounds, and could accommodate up to 30 patients and students, the clinic and the ESNT - it was a vital and alive place that helped hundreds of patients to find their health again. The extended Thomson family were all involved in running the Clinic. James’ wife Jessie ran the Free Clinic and son Leslie followed in his father’s footsteps. Sisters Hazel and Joyce both married Kingston trained practitioners.  Alec Milne who married Joyce, became a co-director of the Kingston Clinic and practiced there until it closed in 1988 and thereafter in non-residential practice well into his 80s.  
During the last century, Nature Cure became established as one of the first alternatives to medical practice, it relies on an improved diet, a more robust approach to healthy activities such as walking and cycling, stresses the importance of sleep and relaxation and is underpinned by the fundamental recognition of the vitally important role that your emotions play in your health.  It is a truly complete body/mind/spirit approach.  You can read more about Nature Cure here.

Crucially Nature Cure works towards a much more proactive involvement by the patient, emphasises the role of the healing Power of Nature and encourages the development of self-awareness.  No drugs, supplements, remedies or clever gadgets are involved in the true Nature Cure lifestyle.  A good wholesome, organic diet should provide all the necessary vitamins, trace elements and building blocks for a healthy body and a body well exercised in the fresh air and sufficiently rested can only be good for a peaceful and productive mind.

Massage and the use of hydrotherapy are also important tools, used by the practitioner who will also offer advice, explanation and encouragement. The object is to help to create an individual who is in charge of his or her own health care, who has the confidence to recognise that prevention is the better part of cure.  The Nature Cure practitioner aims to be more of a coach or guide than a prescriptive consultant.  The advice and guidelines have been established for over a century and are constantly being honed as new research comes to light. However, the basic tenets of Nature Cure and the simple ‘rules’ still hold good and more and more current research only serve to highlight that Thomson Kingston Nature Cure had the answers all along.

In 2005 through to 2006, 5 Files were published containing information on The Nature Cure Story:

File Date Released Theme Date Published Here...
1 January 2005 The Nature Cure Story April 2006
2 May 2005 The Healing Crisis August 2006
3 August 2005 My Nature Cure Tools October 2006
4 November 2005 Nutrition February 2007
5 February 2006 Other People's Therapies February 2007

These files have numerous articles submitted by interested parties explaining their own experiences and views of Nature Cure (over 70 were published in the 5 Files).