Nature Cure Files: File 2
Produced: May 2005
Theme: The Healing Crisis

Welcome to the second issue of the Nature Cure File!

The Healing Crisis

This is the very bench mark of the NC philosophy. It is the mantra of the truebeliever. The scope for discussion is very wide ranging... from 'cure' as in NC to 'heal' as in healing.

Article Author Title
1 Alec Milne The Healing Crisis
2 Jimmy Baxter The Healing Crisis
3 Peter Fenton Healing
4 Felix Heimer The Healing Crisis
5 Felix Heimer The Coming of Spring
6 Dinah Willliams Dinah Williams (94) is the ..
7 PG La Barre The Healing Crisis
8 Joanna Thomson The Healing Crisis
9 Lyanne Mitchell The Healing Crisis
10 Murray McGrath The Healing Crisis
11 Barbara Smith The Healing Crisis
12 Sheila Wallace The Healing Crisis

We are delighted to report that The Nature Cure Network currently has 33 paid-up subscribers, with the promise of more members to come.

Many Thanks to everyone who contributed to this 2nd issue of the NC File. Your participation and support is much appreciated.

We are all new members to this venture. We are a healthy mix of practitioners, ex-patients and NC adherents.....each one of us has a story to tell and share.

If you do not feel able to write on the 'theme' which is offered to co-ordinate each issue, please consider sending us a personal introduction....about your own journey and experience of Nature Cure. How has it impacted on your life? This will give us all a sense of who we are, where we have been, and where we hope to go.

Looking forward to hearing from YOU...and YOU AGAIN!

Lyanne Mitchell
Assistant Editor
Designer / Co-ordinator

Alec Milne / Felix Heimer
ISRN Publications Committee.