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Author: Jimmy Baxter
Title: The Healing Crisis

Natural innate healing of grazed skin and broken bones to the riddance of parasitic bacteria and viruses exclaims an important message about the central importance of good health in our lives. The contradiction of this health by decadent behaviour and actions on our behalf, such as eating unhealthy foods and failing to exercise, is a direct impediment to the healing process, and to this philosophy of life. It is not until we can correct these injustices, that the potential of healing can be opened up to us, and used to fulfill our potential and right to health and happiness. It is the work of Nature Cure practitioners to allow space for healing to function, in our hectic and stressful modern lives.

The body’s natural ability to heal itself has been an essential factor in our survival for generations. It gives us a chance to learn from painful mistakes and crucially, to regain health and allow us to function normally. Not only in us but in animals and plants also. We aim to recover as much as possible of any tissue function lost by damage, or to adapt to allow minimum interference from damage. This healing power paradoxically functions best when in good health, or, philosophically, being true to nature.

The development of chronic disease, pain, or mental suffering must first be acknowledged by the operant as a problem. Following this, you must allow the body’s healing power to relieve us of such discomfort. This involves giving the appropriate input. However this often proves to be difficult, as it can demand a substantial change in lifestyle and one’s way of thinking. Nature Cure proposes that in order for the process of healing to work, the appropriate input must be provided. This 'input' may be anything from the right nutrients (amino acids, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins),the right lifestyle, exercise and work, to increasing awareness for the body and instilling self respect and belief to loving your body.

Nature Cure can tell you what you need to get better, it is then up to the patient to work with the practitioner’s help to adhere to his advice.

Diseases and other problems - to the Nature Cure practitioner - are a cry out for help from neglected, deprived, cruelly or ignorantly treated bodies.

Jimmy Baxter is a second Year, Vet. Student

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