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Author: Majella Berry
Title: My Nature Cure Tools

My regime is to keep the following 'tools' in a healthy, mobile state:-

A pair of arms and hands with which to embrace and work in the garden, growing food to eat and flowers to pleasure me and others.

A pair of legs to exercise my body and more.

Good, healthy teeth (my own) to chew well.

An active brain with which to reason.

Alert mind with which to think and respond (not to re-act).

A well trained Psyche in order to deeply feel.

Developed intuition to sense.

Great Faith (not to be confused with belief) to sustain all.

And....above all...much practised LOVE and a good sense of humour.

This is to relate to and interact with fellow human (and other) beings.

It works! - not necessarily in that order.

Majella Berry comments that she is a 'mother, grandmother and great-grandmother - nothing more'.