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Author: Peter La Barre
Title: Commentary on David Donnison's Challenging Piece in File 3

In the first part of his article he reflects upon the fact that many of the ideas of the nature cure movement have infiltrated into mainstream thought. He then wonders why the movement is 'dying on its feet'. He likens it to the fate of many other trades, parties, professions, that unless they have conflicts they die. Finally he offers a way forward. Whilst I agree with the spirit of D.D.'s initiatives, unfortunately there are some rather large hurdles to be negotiated before any exploration and possible solutions can be aired. Amongst the practitioners there is little appetite for change, it is rather a case of every one else is out of step except us.

Lindlahr in his brief twenty years managed to integrate the ideas of separate European health pioneers into a coherent system of care, created a large residential establishment in which he successfully put into practice his ideas, lectured extensively and wrote four volumes on Nature Cure which are still considered 'must read' for all serious students.

Thomson, during a period of forty-five years carried on developing the basic principles, discarding some aspects, emphasising others, writing, reading, lecturing, never satisfied he continued to explore until the end. Since Thomson's death in 1960 there has been an explosion of interest in alternative and complementary medicine, as far as T.K.N.C. is concerned it might never of happened. There has been very little new suggested in the last forty-five years apart from an effort to infiltrate osteopathy as an integral part of N.C. theory and practice.

Before a start can be made on any reconstruction, it will be necessary to find out if anyone (both the priests and the congregation) believe that there is anything wrong, and if so whether any are prepared to try to do something about it.

It will take a great deal of goodwill, time and commitment. The first thing that needs to be done is to see how many people, if any, are prepared to take the first step.