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Author: Jimmy Baxter
Title: 2nd Year Veterinary Student

The prospect of being able to cure your ailments without the use of medication may seem entirely bizarre to the vast majority of the population, and thus might be met with a significant degree of skepticism. However, in accepting that this practice exists and indeed works, the door to a healthier and happier life can be opened without having to suffer the side-effects of treatment with modern medication. It is important to realise at this stage, that this Nature Cure will not suit everyone - and while not designed to replace modern medicine completely, offers an eligible substitute to anyone looking for an alternative solution. It also directly adresses principles of modern lifestyle which are impractical.

For example, the years of co-evolution between mammals (man) and parasites in nature to reach an acceptable equilibrium, have been disrupted by the emergence of more hygenic conditions and the colossal intermixing of human populations from different corners of the country and globe. Therefore people have been exposed to 'foreign parasites' to which the body has no innate defense. Modern medicine has adapted to this with the use of vaccination, antibiotics and antihelminthics*, all very useful developments allowing for modern lifestyles associated with the desire to travel. However in other areas, this approach of 'adaptation' can go too far and be a wasteful, unsuccessful and long-term treatment, leading to spiraling repeat prescriptions and supressed natural immunity.

Nature Cure is based on the concept that a creature, born into its natural environment - with the appropriate resources - in its very nature has the potential to live life largely free from disease, and that the emergence of disease marks a contradiction to the natural way of living. To help visualise this, animals can be used as models. it is extremely uncommon for wild animals ( free from human interference) to suffer from any complex metabolic, mental and immune disorders so common in today's society. This interjects the proposition that many diseases are intimately related to an unhealthy lifestyle, and that in order to cure them, it is the lifestyle of that individual which must be altered. Therfore is may be suggested that the greatest value of nature Cure, is in more chronic or 'long-term' ailments, for which modern medicine can provide no quick fix.

This concept of treating an underlying cause of disease, as to pharmacologically abolishing the apparently 'inconvenient' symptom of it, may also be a new one for the general public to grasp. Once again, the benefits of recognition of this concept as an amiable alternative may have untold benefits. It may however require a degree of patients' understanding of the fundamental requirements of the mammalian body. These fundamental needs are principally identified in diet, environment, exercise and sleep. Any learned behaviour or habits which contradict or infringe upon these needs, can be corrected to allow cure.

Nature Cure is based on a philosophy of life and incorporates a great deal of trust in the body's natural ability to heal and to live healthily.

The medicine is allowing the body to do so.

*anti worming medicines

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