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Author: Catherine Munnion
Title: Response to the Questionnaire

I have enjoyed the Nature Cure Files which have put me in touch with the ideas I met at Kingston many years ago, and also with people with different approaches to the practice. I shall certainly continue to subscribe as long as it is produced.

I can see that as it stands, it is for members to talk to members, which is interesting - but if expansion to newcomers is hoped for, something different is needed.

How about a Website? This could contain all the background, the development, the principles, practice and present possibilities. It can be changed at any time, I understand. People could be guided to your practitioners.

There is a great consciousness now of the importance of healthy living. We are enjoined to eat fresh fruit and vegetables every time we go shopping and supermarkets now sell a variety of organic food, which is popular if expensive. A friend has just written to say that their young family has gone over to an almost entirely organic diet. - (and giving three cheers for Jamie Oliver and his efforts in the right direction.) There are gymnasiums and fitness centres popping up everywhere and many like walking and jogging. Sports shops are doing great business.

The theme of the next File is interesting, too. Here in the town centre of St Albans we have easy access to what seems to be every therapy that exists, except Naturopathy. Many people I know have their favourite complimentary therapy to back up what the NHS offers. Sometimes the NHS will also offer a therapy.

Lots of people are taking too many pills, but don't like doing this. High blood pressure and high cholesterol are common problems, drug treatments seem to make matters worse for some people - and then there is the cycle of a drug to counter the effects of the treatment. Nature Cure MUST have things to say about this common situation.

Where to say it?

Every now and then, our local paper has a whole page spread of small advertisements for complementary therapies. I keep it sometimes for reference, as I expect many do. If there is a similar facility in the papers in the localities where you have NC practitioners, they could join in and give information about what they are offering, and reference to the Website for general information. If this is not available, they might get an editorial feature by offering a week free of charge to a reporter who could then come and experience the treatment, ask questions and write it up.