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Author: Alec Milne
Title: Editorial

Our aim in starting the Nature Cure Files a year ago, was twofold:-

The first one, in view of what we suspected was the imminent demise of the ISRN as we knew it, was to place on record what we understood by the term 'Nature Cure'. The second one was to explore the reasons for the lack of development in the society, and particularly the reasons for our lack of recruitment.

What became obvious was that there can be no recruitment of the right calibre of student unless a career in Nature Cure can be demonstrated as sufficiently rewarding financially and socially, as well as being a positive life style commitment.

The quality of the contributions we received, or did not receive, was very revealing. Although five graduates of the ESNT (Edinburgh School of Natural Therapeutics) did their best to sustain the File, there was only one PG (post graduate) trainee or graduate who demonstrated any interest in rising to the challenge - Joanna Thomson, and we are grateful for her excellent contributions.

Half the people who received the Questionnaire replied. This was felt to be deeply encouraging. Most simply wished to register their approval and sign up for another year, and some merit a special mention.

Archie Frame is an old friend with a big heart and has been totally loyal to the Nature Cure concept for many years, so he was entitled to take issue with the presentation of the Files. He would have preferred a magazine format and was prepared to help finance it. He felt that the contributors who could use both sides of an A4 were by that fact alone, particularly verbose. So did he grumble away, but left us with some of his axioms, such as 'Nature Cure takes the fear out of illness' and reiterates the value of an 'intelligent leaving alone', and concludes:

"Am I only being critical? - but try telling psychotherapists, chiropractors, herbalists and even more so, doctors and dentists, and you just can't get off base. I think the rank and file of us will write simple articles of their Nature Cure findings, if we are not overwhelmed by gobble-de-gook." Several replies looked for a greater degree of acceptance of various supplements or 'alternatives'. Archie would reject these out of hand. Archie is a great supporter.

On the other hand, Katie Lloyd wrote nothing. Katie is one of the really great success stories in life, although how much can be claimed for Nature Cure must be up to her. From a very disadvantaged base, for long enough she acted as unofficial naturopath in Glasgow, dispensing the soundest of advice to her large family and to others. She celebrated her 60th birthday a year or two ago, by climbing her final Munro, accompanied by 13 members of her family. There are 232 mountains over 3000ft in the Highlands, classified as Munroes, and Munro - bagging must rank as one of the healthiest of hobbies.

Jean Tilley's comments as one artist to another, on the 'excellent production and artistically very attractive and most pleasing copy'. We have also to quote our icon, Dinah Williams, "I am in my 95th year by sticking to Nature cure principles. I am still enjoying and get a great deal out of life".

Two replies we print in full, Catherine Munnion and Michael Kerr. The obvious response to Michael is to offer him the job of WebMaster to our forthcoming new Website -

Lyanne Mitchell did all the graphics and masterminded the production. Without her inspiration, the File would never have been born let alone produced on time, to the astonishment of members of our Society, and on budget. She saw the opportunity to use the same format as her Unitarian Earth Spirit Network to implement the discussion that we were having in the Publication Committee. She was the calm professional guiding us amateurs, and was generous with her encouragement. Thank you, Lyanne.

Special thanks also go to Diana Milne for her help with proof reading and to May Thomson, our Secretary. Our appreciation also goes to Peter La Barre, Peter Fenton, Felix Heimer and James Johnstone - not only for the professionalism of their contributions but also for their moral support throughout the initiative.

We would like to thank all the other informed and interested contributors who gave the Files a more cosmopolitan appeal, and we consider that as a whole, the venture was a gratifying success.