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Author: Felix Heimer
Title: In Conclusion

Can you recall the 'Cold War'? The 'hot' war finished in 1945, but, like a pack of hounds who have triumphed over their quarry and are now quarrelling amongst themselves who can see who can get the choicest bits, the Allied victory wasn't enough: aggression is such a lovely thing, so please let us go on quarrelling amongst ourselves. An unedifying spectacle if ever there was one.

I have been asked to sum up what we who in the field of Health subscribe to 'alternative' solutions, have achieved with the Nature Cure File. And my first thought was to refer to the points of difference between ourselves and our medical friends, which in turn puts me in mind of hot/cold international conflicts. Again those of us who are no longer in the first flush of youth won't have a problem recalling how it used to be between the medics and ourselves: a regular 'hot' conflict! No quarter asked and none given. Around 20 years ago (or is it a little bit more?) the picture began to change, marginally to begin with but increasing with the passage of time.

What do we see when we get as far as today's world.

Can we properly appreciate the fact that in the eyes of the 'established' professions we - the one time Outlaws - have become the flavour of the month? Can we?

The reason for my emphasis is that when you have clear cut opposition it is easier to define your position.

When you have become the object of approval (!) it is not nearly so easy to see the goal posts. A paradox perhaps but a fact; one that if overlooked can potentially cause us to flounder - not an option that earnest people look for, surely.

I have the distinct feeling that with the Nature Cure File that we have demonstrated that we do have self - knowledge, and when the time is ripe we shall come back with another salvo.

In the meantime, here's to the enjoyment of Health - the real stuff.